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Borussias’ transfer policy is constantly changing. This is why it is so important to keep abreast of the latest news.
The club has recently made a number of transfers, which will affect the team’s performance in the next season.

The most important of them are:
1. Christian Pulisic. The young player has already managed to become a key player for the team. He is able to provide the ball to the team leaders with aplomb. He also has a good understanding with the players, which allows him to quickly make a decision on the field.
2. Jadon Sancho. The defender is a good partner for the leaders. He can also play as a substitute.
3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The transfer of the player from Turkey was a good decision. The club has a number 1 defender and a good midfielder.
4. Kevin Wimmer. The goalkeeper is a key part of the team and has already distinguished himself in the Bundesliga.
5. Marco Reus. The midfielder has already become a fan favorite. He has already scored several goals for the club.
6. Robert Lewandowski. The Pole is a great striker who is able not only to score but also to distribute the ball.
7. Julian Draxler. The player is a versatile player who can play as an attacking midfielder, as a central midfielder, or even as a defender.
8. Lukas Podolski. The winger is able of scoring several goals.
9. Mario Götze. The German player is able in the attacking line and is also able to distribute.
10. Lukasz Piszczek. The Polish player is also a good player in the attack.
11. Lukan Ibrahim. The newcomer from Turkey is able at the same time to distribute and score goals. He will be able to become one of the main stars of the club in the near future.
Bundesliga fixtures
The new season of the German Bundesliga is in full swing. It is the third time that the tournament is held. The teams are fighting for the title.
This season, the main contenders for the victory are: Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, and Borussia Monchengladbach.
After the first two rounds, it was clear that the teams were not in the best shape. However, after the third round, it became clear that this is not the case.
In the Bundesliga, the teams are constantly changing the positions. This means that the competitors are constantly moving up.
However, the most important thing is that the main favorites are not in a good shape.
At the same, the season is still far from the finish line. This will allow the teams to make a real fight for the champion title. If they do not, then it will be quite difficult to take the title back to Bayern.
Fans can always follow the Bundesliga fixtures on the sports statistics website. Here, all the information is updated in real time.
Bayern Munich and Borussias transfer policy
The previous season, Bayern Munich was in the Champions League final. This time, the club has changed its coach. The new coach is Niko Kovac.
He managed to get the team to the Champions league final. However this is a completely new level.
It is the first time that a team has reached the final of the Champions club tournament.
Now, the team has a very difficult task. It has to win the tournament and do it in the shortest possible time. This can be done only if the team plays with a good lineup.
Kovac’sthe team has to play with:
* Thomas Muller;
The team”s lineup is the best in the world. This allows the team not only win the Champions cup, but also qualify for the next round.
Of course, it is not enough to win matches in the domestic championship. The team also needs to win in the international arena.
If the team does not win the German championship, then they will not be able not to enter the Champions Cup.
What are the chances of Borussia to win?
Bayer Leverkusen is also in the middle of the season. The main rival of the Bumblebees is Borussia.
Leverkusen has a new coach, Niko Kranjcar. The previous coach was Felix Magath.
Before the start of the new season, it seemed that the team was going to win. However after the first round, the situation changed.
Many people believed that the Bumbles were going to get into the Champions cups. However in the second round, they lost to Bayern Munich.
That is why the team is now in the bottom half of the standings. However the team still has a chance to get out of the situation.
There are a numberof factors that can help it. The most important is the performance of the players. The Bumblebee’slacken in the games.
For example, the performance in matches against Liverpool and Manchester City.
All the other factors are also important. For example, a good start in the championship.

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