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The start of the new season has already seen a number of interesting results, which will be of great interest to fans of the Premier League. Among the most interesting are the following:
1. The first matches of the New Year. The team of Josep Guardiola has managed to beat Liverpool, which is a real surprise. The Reds were in the lead for a long time, but the team of the Spaniard managed to change the course of the game.
2. The victory of Manchester City. The Citizens are now in the top-4, and the team has managed not to lose points.
3. The defeat of Liverpool. The Merseysiders have been in the Champions League for a few seasons, and this is their first time in the Premier league.
4. The failure of Chelsea. The Blues were in a difficult position, but managed to win only one match.
The team of Jurgen Klopp has also managed to get into the Champions league zone, and is now in a good shape.
Now, it is extremely important for the team to win the next match, as it is the last chance to get a ticket to the Champions club.

The new season of the English Premier League is already very interesting, and fans can follow the results of the matches on the website of sports statistics. The new season promises to be very interesting for fans of this championship, as the teams will be fighting for the title for a number of years.
Newcastle results on the sports statistics website
The first matches have already shown that the team is in a very good shape, as they have managed to gain points in each of the games. The players have already managed to demonstrate their maximum in the matches against Leicester and Norwich.
However, the team needs to improve its results. The last time the team won the championship was in 2002, and it is very important for them to win this year.
In the last season, the club of Joselu was in a bad shape, and now the management has made a number changes. The main one is the appointment of the coach of the team, who has already managed the team successfully.
This season, it will be very important to get the necessary points in the match against Watford. The Hornets are a good team, and they have a number players who can be called leaders.
It is also important for Newcastle to get points in matches against the teams in the middle of the table. The club is in the last third of the standings, and if it does not get points from the matches with the teams at the bottom, then the team will not be able to get enough points to the playoffs.
Fans can follow Newcastle results on this website, where the data are updated in real time. The information is updated in a timely manner, so fans can always follow the latest news.
Live football scores on the reliable resource
The season has started very well for the club, as fans can see in the live football scores. The results of matches are available on the site of sports analytics, which has been operating for a couple of years now.
Of course, the first matches are not very important, but they will help the team get closer to the top 4. The current season is very interesting not only for the fans of English football, but also for the professionals, as many of them are fans of Newcastle.
Many of them have already been following the team’s results, and many of the results are very encouraging. The latest results of Newcastle are:
* 7 wins in a row;
* 5 wins in the EFL Cup;
* 1 win in the League Cup; and
* 2 wins in FA Cup.
These are the most important results of a team that has been in a poor shape for a while. Now, the management of the club has started to make changes, and a number leaders have already left the club. The following players have been dismissed from the team:
• James;
• “Lambert”;
All these players have left the team in the first match, and their departure will be a big loss for the management.
Main goal of the management is to get closer the Champions’ League zone, so the team must win matches against teams from the middle and lower parts of the league. The management has already started to do this, and its main goal is to win at least two matches in a week.
If the management succeeds, then it will become a real contender for the champion title. Fans can follow all the results on our website, as well as other interesting information about the team.
Follow the latest results on a reliable resource with the help of which you can keep abreast of the latest events.
Football scores on a sports statistics site
The results of football matches are also available on our site. The site has been running for a short while now, and has already become a great resource for fans.
Among the most popular matches are the matches between Manchester United and Liverpool. Fans of the Red devils have been waiting for this match for a very long time.
Manchester United is in an excellent shape, but Liverpool is in worse shape.

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