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Pep Guardiola: Manchester City were at the limit of their capacity to defend

Pep has been in charge of Manchester City for about a year now. The club has been able to show a lot of results, but it is still not at the level of its rivals. The Citizens have a very good squad, which can be strengthened by the acquisitions of players from other teams.
The first thing that the Guardiola’s team needed to do was to strengthen the middle line. The team has a lot to improve, but the main problem is the lack of experience in the middle of the field.

The team’ performance in the Premier League has shown that it is not at its best. The Guardiola‘s team is not able to impose its will on the opponent, which is one of the main reasons for the fact that the Citizens are not able not to lose points.
But the main thing that Guardiola“s team needs to do is to improve its tactical flexibility. The previous season, the team was able to achieve this, but this time it is more difficult.
This is also reflected in the results of the team. The last time the Citizens were at this level of the Premier league was in the season of 2013-2014. The City was at the top of the standings for a long time, but then the team lost points in the last rounds.
However, the current season is not the best for the team, because it has not been able yet to show its maximum. The main problem of the Guardiola’s team is the fact it is unable to find a good balance between attack and defense.
If the team is able to find this balance, it will be able to demonstrate its maximum, which will allow it to win the title.
Who will be the main favorites of the Champions League?
The Champions League is one the most popular tournaments among fans. The competition is intense, and the teams have to fight for the title for several rounds. The Champions League has always been a favorite of the fans’ choice, but in recent years it has become more and more difficult for the clubs to win it.
In the last season, many clubs were not able win it, and this is one reason for the decline in the popularity of the tournament. The most obvious favorites of this season are:
* Barcelona;
* Bayern;
• Real;
– and many other clubs.
Barcelona is the most obvious favorite of all the clubs, because of the following reasons:
1. The current season of the club has shown a lot. The Catalans have a good squad and are able to play with any team in the Champions league.
2. The coach of the Catalans, Ernesto Valverde, has a good experience in this tournament.
3. The Catalan club is the main contender for the champion title. The fact that it has already won it twice in a row shows that it can be the favorite of this year.
All the clubs are trying to win this trophy, but they will have to do their best in order to achieve it. It is very important for them to show their maximum in the matches against the main contenders.
Will Manchester City be able not only to win but also to keep the title?
This season of Manchester United has been quite unsuccessful for the Red Devils. The season ended with the failure in the final match of the season, which was the home match against Chelsea.
Despite the fact the Red devils were at a very high level, the season ended in a way that is quite unexpected for the fans. Many fans expected that the team would be able win the Champions trophy, and it has been clear that the season was not successful for the club.
As a result, the fans have a lot more reasons to be happy. The squad of the Red team has many leaders who can be replaced, and they have been able successfully to achieve their goals.
Among the main goals of the Mancunians are the following:
• winning the Champions cup;
2 — keeping the title;
3 and “winning” the Premier title.
This year, the club will have a difficult task, because the main competitors of the United are:
1 Liverpool;
1 2 Arsenal;
4 Chelsea. The Red team will have the opportunity to demonstrate their maximum, because other clubs have already shown that they are not afraid of them.
What will be Manchester City’ future?
In recent years, Manchester City has been one of Manchester’ Premier League favorites. The Red and Blue have won the title twice, and in the previous season they were able to win with the score of 3:2.
Many people have already predicted that the club would not be able this time to win. The reasons for this are: the following factors:
· lack of motivation of the players;
·2 — the fact they have not been playing well for a while;
●3 — lack of a good lineup.
It is clear that this season will be very difficult for Josep Guardiola”s team. However, the Red and Blues have a bright future, and if they will continue to improve their game, they will be one of those teams that will be considered among the main outsiders of the championship.

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