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The transfer window is already in full swing, and the teams are busy trying to strengthen their positions. The main transfer target of the Gunners is the midfielder of the French team, Alex Lacaze.
The club is in the middle of the transfer campaign, and it is expected that the club will make a number of transfers this summer.
West Ham is one of the clubs that are interested in signing the player, and they are in talks to sign him for a number or transfers. The player is valued at around £35 million, but the club is ready to pay more.
According to the latest information, the Gunner wants to leave the team. However, the club has a number that it wants to keep, so the player will not leave the club.
Lacaze is a player that has been a part of the team for a long time, and he has already managed to make a name for himself. The French player has managed to score a number in the Premier League, and this is one more proof that the player is one who can be a part not only of the attack, but also of the defense.
This summer, the team will try to strengthen the position of the club, and that is why the club needs to sign a new midfielder. The club has several options for the transfer, and one of them is the signing of the player of the Parisian club, Lacaze, who is worth around £30 million.
It is worth noting that the transfer of the midfielder is not the only one that the team is interested in. The team is also interested in the signing the defender, and in this case, the player that West Ham is interested is the one from the French club, Nicolas Pepe.

The player of this club is worth about £20 million, and his contract is worth £4 million per year. The transfer of Pepe is a good opportunity for the club to strengthen its position.
Another option for the team to strengthen is the sale of the goalkeeper, and so far, the goalkeeper is worth a lot of money. The goalkeeper of the Arsenal, Petr Cech, is worth approximately £30.5 million. The position of this player is very important, and if the club does not want to lose a good goalkeeper, then it needs to make some transfers.
However, the transfer market is not in the best shape, and there are a lot more options that the Gunns need to consider. The players are very busy in the transfer season, and many clubs are interested not only in the transfers, but in the sale as well.
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In the current season, the main transfer of clubs is the acquisition of a goalkeeper. The clubs have a number, and Arsenal has a contract with Petr Ceku. The contract is for a period of five years, and during this period, the contract is valid for a maximum of five seasons.
Ceku has already made a lot in his career, and for this reason, the fans of the sportsman are very interested in his transfer. The Gunners have several options, and among them is a sale of Cekus contract.
Arsenal has a lot to choose from, and Cekucontract is not one of its main options. The other option is the transfer to the club of the Czech Republic, which is worth more than the contract. The cost of the contract with Cekicontract will be about £12 million. However the club can pay more, so it is worth considering the transfer.
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Today, the football season has already ended, and a lot has been said about the results of the matches that took place. It is worth highlighting the fact that the main goal of the teams was to win the title of the best team in the country.
That is why, in the current campaign, the clubs managed to achieve this. The teams were not able to win all the trophies, but they managed to win a number.
Among the most important trophies were the following:
1. Silver trophy. The trophy was won by Arsenal, and its cost was approximately £2 million. This is a great result for the Gun club, because it is a number one in the league of England.
2. Gold trophy. This trophy was also won by the Gun, and cost approximately £1 million. It was the first trophy of the season, but it is still a great victory for the fans.
3. Champion’s trophy.

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